Gone with the Ahmadinejad

Sunday, October 21

Subject: A Severe Case Of Reflux Infantitis
Time: 5:44pm

Subject: The “Rise And Shine” Of Competitive Sports
Time: 5:47pm

Subject: Hollywood Inspires Middle East Relations
Time: 5:38pm

Miguel: Casablanca? Whose the third of this love triangle

Subject: Performance Art And “Contemporary Last Supper”
Time: 5:40pm

Miguel: Freestyle dancing is so 90s

Subject: The History Curricullum At The Mortonian Institute Of Arts
Time: 5:42pm

Miguel: Who draw the first four faces? Bottero?

Subject: Genius Vocabulary By Kiumars Khan Baharlou
Time: 7:11pm


Subject: The Ass-embly Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran
Time: 12:46pm

Subject: Pre-Election Wishful Thinking
Time: 12:47pm

Subject: Farting In China!
Time: 4:32pm

Subject: Freeway Murder
Time: 6:47pm

Subject: Vanman Vs SUVman
Time: 6:51pm

Subject: Of Fat And Mice!
Time: 6:52pm

Subject: Child Abuse In Assemanistan!
Time: 6:54pm

Subject: Unveiled (Bee-Chador) Arya Nation!
Time: 7:09pm

Subject: Sahar Bent Khalifa Baharloo’s Critically Acclaimed Novel!
Time: 7:10pm

Subject: Ahmadinejad Fleeing The Sup Leader
Time: 11:59pm


Subject: Herd Mentality In Aviation
Time: 9:27am

Subject: Major US Presidents Attended The Mortpoint Military Academy….
Time: 9:28am

Subject: String Duo With (Non-French) Horn
Time: 9:30am

Subject: Safavid Era “Drugs, Sex And Rock N Roll”!
Time: 9:41am

Subject: Intra-Mort And Repeated Mort
Time: 9:43am

Subject: Of Power And Mice
Time: 9:46am

Subject: Proto-Ying And Yang
Time: 9:48am

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