So Cal, So Mort, So Long

Wednesday, October 17

Subject: The IRI’s Space Technology
Time: 12:54pm

Sahar: What is happening?
Mort: It’s inside a spaceship.

Subject: Mexican Mullah Nasrad-Din
Time: 4:14pm

Miguel: Where is the Mullah going?
Mort: To India, but he thinks he is going to Mecca!
Mort: But he’ll end up in Tijanna!
Miguel: So, he literally turned his back on Mecca?
Mort: Yes, Mecca is a good place for tilet training!

Subject: Picnic On A Bandol Cork
Time: 4:34pm

Subject: Mortobano Makes The Best Lumber
Time: 4:35pm

Subject: Mort Is Welcomed In Lame Diego
Time: 5:21pm

Subject: Lame Diemort
Time: 5:23pm

Subject: Beat Me Hard For Da Sake Of Da Imam!
Time: 5:38pm

Miguel: Need a hand?
Mort: You can always join in!
Miguel: Or will I end up with the Mullah in Tijuana?
Mort: Mullah is going to Matamortus!
Miguel: Lmao!
Mort: Lol

Subject: Mullaja Ass-rad-Din Going To Tijuanna, But He Is Aiming Medina!
Time: 5:35pm

Miguel: It’s just following a fashion started by Gadaffi’s son smuggling into Mexico. But he might end somewhere else!
Mort: Don’t insult the Mullaja!
Miguel: I love mulas!
Mort: Don’t go overboard!

Subject: Sartorially Mort
Time: 8:23pm

Thursday, October 18

Subject: Complicating GOP’s (Mis)understanding Of Immigration Policies
Time: 1:41pm

Subject: The Admiralty Of Her Majesty Queen Latifa Welcomes Mort!
Time: 2:45pm

Subject: Yasmine’s Boyfriend’s Continual Indecisiveness About Marriage
Time: 3:00pm

Subject: Mort Muerto Boner And Companion At Oaxaca Chamber Of Commerce
Time: 3:01pm

Mafalda: Always interwoven to Mexico…
Mort: It’s my honor!
Miguel: How did that business meeting go?

Subject: Fidel’s Medal Of “Escalante Medicos” To Mortadamir Bazharlov
Time: 3:06pm

Courtesy of Miguelito Martinez Zavala!

Miguel: What did they stopped making to manufacture Mort’s Great Medal?
Mort: U brought it for me from Cuba.
Miguel: Yes, but in the mortocracy of Cuba they used to melt utensils to make belligerent artifacts like this one!
Mort: Sacrifice utensil for Mortocracy!

Friday, October 19

Subject: Frank Gehry Meets Salvatore Dali
Time: 11:26am

Subject: Mort Leads The Community Of Peace Loving Nations
Time: 5:35pm

Subject: The Proto-“Made-In-China” Era
Time: 6:07pm

Subject: Mortio O’Keif Offering Visual Opium
Time: 6:08pm

Subject: “I used to be a bird before I was forced into planthood”
Time: 6:10pm

Subject: The Superlative Charm Of Mortuoisie
Time: 6:16pm

Subject: A Special Message For James Franco
Time: 6:18pm

Subject: The Liliputianamputated Hand Of The Wine Cup Bearer–Envy Of Omar Mortyam!
Time: 6:21pm

Subject: Spot The Jewel In The Crown Of The US Big Pharma!
Time: 6:05pm

Miguel: I can feel jealousy from the other jewels
Mort: The others are knockoffs!

Subject: The End Is Near!
Time: 8:01pm

Subject: Mort Is Not Afraid Of Giant Chairs
Time: 8:17pm


Subject: Going Mort Is Superior Than Going Green
Time: 10:06am

Subject: Mort Receives A Dignitary’s Welcome At His Own Party
Time: 1:38pm

Subject: Illuminating Mammary Gland
Time: 3:47pm

Boobs shining!

Subject: Benjamin Franklin And Henry Waxman Performing Castration
Time: 6:05pm

Miguel: LMAO
Mort: Lol …

Subject: The Difficulty Of Getting In Da Same Boat As Mort
Time: 6:37pm

Subject: Mr. Cock Flint Fires Up!
Time: 6:41pm

Subject: Nocturnal Blues Exacerbate Mort’s Mortancholia
Time: 6:42pm


Subject: Get Well Soon!
Time: 1:36pm

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