Dinosaur “Bones”

Sunday, October 14

Subject: Mort Is Delicious!
Time: 3:54pm

Subject: Micro-Mariposa Paraamor Del Mort
Time: 6:16pm

Miguel: But ain’t red… It’s black!
Mort: Can we color it?
Miguel: We cannot turn something black to any other color … Oh wait! … No, nevermind
Mort: Michael Jackson did!
Miguel: Yeah, I just didn’t wanna say it!
Mort: I have a receipe to turn a black horse into white–and back into black if desired.
Miguel: What’s the secret?
Mort: It had 12 or so ingredients that need to be added to various solvents and in specific order.
Miguel: That sounds illegal
Mort: Mort never does anything illegal!
Miguel: He does under Islamic Law! ;)
Subject: This Is Where The Morbidly Obese Resides
Time: 10:09pm

Subject: The Abode Of Solar Sucker Commies Of Tex-Ass!
Time: 10:12pm


Subject: The Key To Reed College
Time: 7:16am

Subject: The Arab League Convenes
Time: 12:03pm

Subject: Bottom Feeders Aim At Low Hanging Fruit
Time: 12:05pm

Subject: The Boardroom
Time: 12:07pm

Subject: Mort’s Tutinameh Describes The Parrot That Liked To Play With Fire!
Time: 1:21pm

Miguel: I was suspicious of her native origin
Mort: Cute!

Subject: After Mort Departed The Physician Examined Everyone Present
Time: 3:11pm

Subject: An Aphrodisiac Potion
Time: 3:13pm

Subject: Cat As Benchmark
Time: 6:36pm

Subject: The Reflection Of The House Of Fungus
Time: 6:38pm

Subject: Mortancholia
Time: 6:40pm

Subject: Lilli-Cat
Time: 6:43pm

Subject: Cute Mini-Herd In Big Apple
Time: 6:50pm

Subject: A Legitimate Monkey Business
Time: 7:26pm

Subject: Prehistoric Boner!
Time: 3:30pm

Subject: A Bug In Captivity
Time: 7:40pm

Subject: Tomatoes Make You Feeling Fresh!
Time: 7:42pm

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