When One Door Closes, a Mort Opens

Friday, October 12

Subject: Despite Rumors, Mort Hates Going Green!
Time: 7:51pm


Subject: “Your wine glass is small like your bosoms,” said the lover.
Time: 1:16pm

Subject: “I said ‘my deer’, not ‘my dear’,” complained the Maiden!
Time: 1:18pm

Subject: Babri Khan The Royal Cat Is Feasting
Time: 1:22pm

Subject: Mort’s “2-T”!
Time: 3:20pm

After composing The Tutinameh

Subject: The Emblem Of Qaramortkhanlu Empire
Time: 3:27pm

Subject: Religious Passion Play Gone Devilish Orgy!
Time: 3:29pm

Miguel: Which religion? Looks fun
Mort: Eyeranian Eezlam!

Subject: The Cooking Show of the Brats!
Time: 3:38pm

Subject: Illuminatus Contuum Con Sahara!
Time: 4:51pm

Subject: She Met Her Horse’s Ass on eHarmony!
Time: 4:58pm

Miguel: She lied, it was a hook up site… Oh wait, eHarmony? Yeah that works too lol
Mort: She looks like a liar though!

Subject: Banking Refirm In Iran
Time: 5:01pm

Subject: “It was not ‘mint’ for me to be sandwiched,” said the ice cream.
Time: 5:03pm

Subject: The Cross Reacts Lustfully To Birds’ Attention
Time: 7:38pm

Subject: The No-Longer-Lone-Star Republic Of Mortas
Time: 7:45pm

Subject: Inspiration For Mortgar Allen Poe
Time: 7:52pm

Subject: Mort Is Behind The Third Wall
Time: 8:12pm

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