Obscene Glove

Saturday, October 6

Subject: The Helping Hand Ended Up Being An Instrument Of Vulgarity!
Time: 7:45pm

Sahar: This one was exceptionally good!

Yesterday, October 11

Subject: The “Deev-il” Wears Prada!
Time: 12:05pm

Miguel: And Hermes
Mort: Mort also wears Hermes

Subject: “Zambuk” Your Cracks!
Time: 1:17pm

Subject: Industrial Mobility In Da Big City!
Time: 1:25pm

Subject: Didactic Education In Epic Primates
Time: 1:33pm

Subject: Muslims Love The Occident!
Time: 8:05pm

Subject: Epic Angels Come With Huge Posteriors
Time: 8:07pm

Subject: Twisted Version Of Mort, The World Authority On Sufism
Time: 9:14pm

Subject: The Consequence Of Impersonating Cherries
Time: 9:18pm

Subject: Ultra-Liberal Slave Labor
Time: 9:20pm

Subject: Allergy Season And Nasal Drips
Time: 9:25pm

Subject: The Consequence Of Bad Oral Hygiene
Time: 9:30pm

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