Romantic Graffito

Wednesday, October 2

Subject: How To Kill A Mocking-Beard!
Time: 10:46am

Subject: “Stuff Your Lungs With Medicaments,” Says Mort’s Slogan
Time: 10:47am

Subject: Mitten Romney’s Hidden Love
Time: 10:48am

Subject: Tin Tin As Baseej
Time: 10:49am

Subject: Medal Of Sun-As-Mort
Time: 10:50am

Miguel: Pretty nice
Mort: Mort Del Sol?
Miguel: That sounds like a hotel in Playa
Mort: Playa Del Mortmen?

Subject: The Nishan Of Minature Double Purple Heart Given To Mort Baharlove
Time: 10:51am

Miguel: A medal for “spreading love” worldwide?
Mort: Selfish love!
Miguel: The most fast rewarding of all!
Mort: Self-love is better

Subject: The Pillow-Holder Wears Nothing
Time: 11:08am

Miguel: Not even shame
Mort: Shame is pre-post-modern!
Miguel: Shame of covering below her waist!
Mort: That is ignominious!

Subject: Orientalism And The Art Of Equilibrium Building
Time: 11:17am

Subject: Oh Snap!
Time: 11:20am

Subject: Accurate Prediction About Mullahs–Iranshahr, 11 March, 1924
Time: 2:11pm

Subject: Iranshahr
Time: 2:15pm


Subject: A Starfruit That Thought He Was A Lemon, But Settled On Being A Lame Lime
Time: 3:29pm

Subject: Craving For Past Grandeur…
Time: 3:50pm

…But the banal presence is too stubborn!

Subject: Mort’s New Acquisition
Time: 4:00pm

Subject: A Mahabad Kurdish Gentleman’s Costume
Time: 4:02pm

Subject: A Bacterium As Topographic Image Of A Drought-Stricken Golf Course
Time: 4:06pm

Subject: Next To The Lion-And-Sun Insignia, Ali Felt Regal!
Time: 9:36pm

Subject: “Love Stories Suck, But…”
Time: 10:05pm

Subject: Ibrahimic Love
Time: 10:13pm


Subject: When Sun Turned Away, The Lion Lost His Sword And Disaster Ensued
Time: 10:03am

Subject: Orange Marmalades From Darab
Time: 10:11am

Subject: Sanctity Of Truth Vandalized
Time: 10:14am

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