Odoriferous Ribbon Cutting

Sunday, September 30

Subject: Inauguration With Body Odor #1
Time: 8:04pm

Subject: Inaugoration With B. O., #2
Time: 8:06pm

Subject: Using Paperweight In A Paperless System
Time: 8:08pm

Subject: Mort Is “Namak-Geer” By Gotham
Time: 8:35pm


Subject: Incestuous Truckin’
Time: 2:43pm

Subject: Onnanism And Figurative Arts
Time: 3:10pm

Subject: Once A Camel Jockey, Always A Camel Jockey
Time: 3:17pm

Subject: Art Determines That Land Reform Is Futile
Time: 6:32pm

Subject: Hoarding And Murder (Mamal Kills Foulad) In Dezful)!
Time: 7:09pm


Subject: “Habsnameh” And The Sad Case Of Gyration Of History
Time: 9:52am

Subject: Armin And Bairam In Schulenburg!
Time: 12:38pm

Subject: Fashion At Divorce Court
Time: 3:40pm

Miguel: ¬†Looking bad is a good “have mercy on me” strategy, well don Mr Will Smith !
Mort: I hate Will Smith and his ears!
Miguel: I hate that ugly orange shirt-tie combination! …. I would declare him guilty! ;)
Mort: Yes, because the plaintiff was the Fashion Police!

Subject: Call Me “Alex”!
Time: 5:48pm

Nader: Related to another Alex (Akbar Lari)?!

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