Turban on Turban Love


Subject: A Penny Pinching Rodent
Time: 5:26pm

Sahar: I think that is a fox.
Miguel: I’ll take the penny. I have a weird attraction to geometric forms
Mort: You, Animal Identity Rights Activist!

Subject: Mort Challenges And Defeats A “Flare Gun”
Time: 9:47pm

Subject: How To Flare Up
Time: 9:49pm



Subject: Potito For Mortiti!
Time: 8:50am

Subject: Potito For Zortiti
Time: 8:51am

Subject: Same Sex Marriage In Carpetestan
Time: 8:56am

Subject: A Nation Permanently Stained
Time: 8:57am

Subject: Mort Acquires A Giacomorti!
Time: 9:00am

Subject: Autoarthritis
Time: 11:22am

Subject: Latent Homoeroticism
Time: 11:25am

Subject: The Contribution Of Young Blood To IRI’s Progress
Time: 11:28am

Subject: Turban Grinding, An Old Kamasutra Technique!
Time: 11:30am

Subject: Finally Saudis Have Invented Their Own “Rock N Roll”!
Time: 11:32am

Subject: Medal Of “Patron Of The Sword And Man Of The Pen” Bestowed Upon Mort The Utmost
Time: 3:01pm

Subject: “I Am a Vegas Cat!” Said The Bejewelled Feline.
Time: 3:02pm

Subject: Showing Olive Branch To Disturbing Priestly Platonic Love
Time: 3:03pm

Subject: Metamorphosis
Time: 3:17pm

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