Yesterday’s News


Subject: Best Sheikhs Are Made In Germany!
Time: 2:38pm


Subject: Western Devices For Ghelman Grooming
Time: 6:30am

Robert: Yadesh bekheir. Soosmar miborid.

Subject: The Bird’s Confusion
Time: 6:32am

“…is this a wing or an overgrown fin?” She asked herself.

Subject: Mort’s Aperture Of Hope Is At The End Of A Narrow Alley
Time: 6:34am

Subject: A Pradoxical Grotesque Freak Show Worthy Of A Few Pyrophillic Protests
Time: 7:24am

Subject: Feminine Hygiene Products Provided For Dogs; Plz Use Them!
Time: 7:25am

Subject: Fw:
Time: 9:48am

Subject: Electric Shock Therapy Not Promising For Mania
Time: 11:13am

Miguel: I know the antidote: hair gel
Mort: Yes!

Subject: Old Fashion Oral Obscenities
Time: 11:15am

Subject: The Outgoing Senatorial Candidate Representing The Mortdependent Party
Time: 11:26am

Subject: Saturday Night Live Carries More Weight Now!
Time: 11:28am

Subject: The Clergy Before The Epidemic Of Diabolovirus!
Time: 11:30am

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