Morts of Grass

Friday, September 21

Subject: Valterr Vitmardzadeh!
Time: 2:18pm

Subject: Ennui Of Mort
Time: 6:45pm

Trapped in H-town!

Subject: Muslims Are Protesting Halal Goats Slaughtered In The US!
Time: 6:49pm

Subject: What Arkansas Muslims Eat!
Time: 6:51pm

Subject: The Obscured Charm Of Mortuoisie
Time: 6:54pm

Subject: Mort’s Only Attention Giver
Time: 6:57pm

Saturday, September 22

Subject: Mental Disorders & Goats
Time: 12:35pm

Subject: A Bank With Cadence But No Diction (TWO PICS)
Time: 12:43pm



Subject: Mortheseus 1:7
Time: 8:45am

“…and God sent golden citrus from Esther’s chamber to Mortheseus”

Subject: Inspired By Nasser-ad-Din Shah’s Harem Architecture
Time: 8:53am

Subject: The Phantasmagoria Of Mort The “Anti-Green”
Time: 9:24am

Subject: How To Hoard 50% Of World’s Human Rights Attention (the other 50% allocated to Dali Lama)
Time: 9:32am

Subject: The Eagle Carrying A Barrel Of Beer Over Damavand
Time: 4:03pm


Subject: Normalcy Shattered
Time: 9:08am

Subject: A Rare Occurrence: Arabs Caught Working
Time: 9:10am

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