A Tough Pill to Swallow

Friday, September 14

Subject: A Disturbing Case Of Canine Mounting
Time: 7:32pm

Subject: Stick And Carrot And The IRI
Time: 7:39pm

The Islamic Republic stated they wish to receive carrot juice instead of “stick and carrot” in relation to their nuclear program.

Monday, September 17

Subject: Mort Launches His New Pharmaceutical Concern With Polychromatic Propaganda!
Time: 4:08pm

Miguel: That was my breakfast! ;)
Mort: I know!

Subject: A Major Anti-Flat Screen Movement Has Already Begun.
Time: 4:19pm

Subject: The Joy Of Amnesty!
Time: 4:26pm

Subject: A Very Expensive “Blow Job”!
Time: 4:47pm

Subject: The “Golden Crescent” Under Mort’s Reign!
Time: 4:52pm

Subject: A Good “Green” Is A Subterranean Green!
Time: 6:23pm

Miguel: Great pic Seńor !
Mort: Thanks, Migi?

Subject: “Gravitas For Mort” Has Gained International Support!
Time: 6:25pm

Tuesday, September 18

Subject: Boutique Hotels Make Best Venues For Opium Dens
Time: 7:40am

Subject: It’s Aliiiiiiive!
Time: 4:42pm

Subject: Manually Man-Handling Chickens
Time: 6:21pm

Miguel: Typical … They wanna kill everything with their own hands …
Mort: Yes, not those of the infidels’!


Subject: Putting A “Dent” On Cyrus Vance, The Former Secretary Of State!
Time: 3:52pm

Subject: How To Develop Broad Shoulders
Time: 2:07pm

Subject: Super Lapel For Super Fly!
Time: 2:38pm

Subject: A Gangsta’ From Abadan, Frank Abbadando!
Time: 2:46pm

Subject: As Easy As Nesscafe: How To Become An “Instant Arab”!
Time: 3:05pm

Subject: Inspection Of A Male Brothel
Time: 3:30pm

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