This Milk Tastes Familiar

Friday, September 7

Subject: Balkanization Of Ahmadijenad After The Supreme Leader Dismisses Him
Time: 4:16pm

Subject: Graphic Design To Promote Facing Obstacles!
Time: 4:28pm

Subject: She Envies Mort’s Full-Moon Face
Time: 5:42pm

Saturday, September 8

Subject: A Pigeon Led A Prisoner To Cesspool
Time: 2:51pm

Subject: McDonald’s Promotes Drinking One’s Own Body Fluids
Time: 4:27pm

Subject: I See $ On That Pasta!
Time: 4:30pm

Subject: “Street Module,” Designed By Phillip Starck As Noted In “Taxonomy Of Chairs”
Time: 4:34pm

Subject: Vertical Zoo-Sexuality Par Excellence
Time: 4:35pm

Subject: The License To Be A Physian Violator
Time: 4:38pm

Subject: Mortrait Of Mort With Lilli And Naked Couple Having Take-Out
Time: 4:44pm

Subject: Rubber Abuse By Asphyxiation
Time: 4:49pm

Subject: When Rostam Was Asleep Tahmineh Molested Rakhsh
Time: 5:15pm

Subject: The Day Empress Soraya Asked Her Attendants To Go On Jenny Craig Diet
Time: 7:39pm


Subject: Failure Of Limb Salvage
Time: 6:55pm

Subject: Mort’s Former Girlfriend Who Stole All Of His Style Ideas
Time: 7:08pm

Subject: A Binary View Of A Middle Aged Woman (Iran, Circa 1939)
Time: 7:21pm

Subject: The Family That Cannot Quit Smoking
Time: 7:22pm


Subject: Disease Causing Babes!
Time: 4:05pm

Subject: Mort Is Preparing For His Gansgta’ Board Certification
Time: 4:55pm

Subject: An Image Of New Republicanism #1
Time: 7:37pm

Subject: Image Of New Republicanism #2
Time: 7:39pm

Subject: Inter-Racial Love
Time: 8:00pm

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