Something Fishy at the Airport

Wednesday, August 29

Subject: How To Piss Off Your Donors!
Time: 2:05pm

Subject: Center For Treatment Of “Venomous” Diseases
Time: 2:27pm

Subject: A Case Study Of Religious Harassment
Time: 4:43pm

Subject: Fiddler In The Grave
Time: 5:44pm

Subject: A Street Named After Mort Is Vilified As “Moe-tezza” By A Rogue Political Competitor!
Time: 7:49pm

Subject: Mort Doesn’t Remember Him, But His “Fez” Is Familiar!
Time: 10:16pm

Thursday, August 30

Subject: Ahmadinejad Goes On High Bone Low Skin Diet
Time: 11:28am

Subject: Idol Worshipping Is Back At The Mortopolis
Time: 11:31am

Subject: Welcome to Jeepestan!
Time: 3:55pm

Subject: Jeepestan’s Unallied Neighbors
Time: 3:55pm

Subject: The Sultan and His Vizier, Followed By Retinue Wait in Line For the Opening of the New H&M on 5th Avenue
Time: 5:11pm

Tuesday, September 4

Subject: Zoomorphic Image Of Goddess Of Homeland Security Viewing Her Abused Citizens
Time: 4:37pm

Subject: Dr. “Favorable Excrement”
Time: 5:42pm

Subject: Low Cost Pediatric Care
Time: 11:06pm

Subject: Hernia Andamerican Masculinity
Time: 11:11pm

Subject: Slandering Mort!
Time: 11:32am

Sahar: Has anyone ever called you that?

Thursday, September 5

Subject: Clay Pool
Time: 5:29pm

Subject: Getting Screwed At Chess!
Time: 5:29pm

Subject: Be Careful When You Bend Over!
Time: 11:06pm

Subject: Prof Oren Unmentionable
Time: 11:09pm

Subject: Mort’s Name Tag At The Convention Of Da Freaks
Time: 11:27pm

Miguel : “Mort” in Sumerian?
Mort: Wow! You know Sumerian?!


Subject: A Cherry Incarcerated In Dugh Prison
Time: 1:16am

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