I Want to Saw that Smirk Right Off Your Face

Thursday, August, 23

Subject: Simultaneous Pyrophilia & Phalicophilia
Time: 4:16pm

Friday, August 24

Subject: Lilliputian Pool Table
Time: 7:14pm

Subject: Lilliputian Dictionary With 180,000 Words
Time: 7:17pm

Subject: A Painting Of George Your Childhood Hairdresser
Time: 7:25pm

Subject: Mort’s Private New York City-Bound Plane, Staffed By Italians And Turks
Time: 7:28pm

Sunday, August 26

Subject: Lilli Living Room
Time: 11:51pm


Subject: A Dapper Carpenter In 1939 Iran
Time: 1:54pm

Subject: Reaching Out For Enchiladas Verde
Time: 8:52pm

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