Nuke on the Sidewalk

Friday, August 17

Subject: Wheels Of Misfortune
Time: 1:11pm

Miguel: An empty modern caravan resembling the Roman times?
Mort: Insightful!

Saturday, August 18

Subject: Mort Is Gold To Humanity
Time: 11:06pm

Miguel: A gold statue of Mort would definitely look better than those from Mayawati, the “Dalit Queen” of India.

Monday, August 20

Subject: Prince Lumber And His Towered Castle
Time: 7:22pm

Subject: The Art Of Butter & Jam
Time: 7:35pm

Subject: An Adventurous Reza Shah Era General
Time: 8:03pm

Subject: Looking For The Fifth Leg
Time: 8:16pm

Mina: The fourth leg was misplaced, rather…
Mort: It’s the third leg’s fault.
Mina: Why?
Mort: Because it fed the 4th leg separatist propaganda.

Subject: Mort’s Offspring As A Precious Metal
Time: 9:17pm

Miguel: Very refined poster of Sahar
Mort: I’m sure Sahar appreciates this!

Subject: When It Refused To Dispense The Paper I Shot The Cream Out Of It
Time: 9:18pm

Tuesday, August 21

Subject: Rebelhood Euphoria Before Shit Hits The Fan!
Time: 10:17am

Subject: Mullah Nasr-ad-Din Had A Dream Of Mort And His World
Time: 10:30am

Subject: Foreskin Alert!
Time: 10:34am

Health Costs May Rise with Drop in Circumcisions

Subject: The Princess Who Demanded “Casual Friday” At The Harem
Time: 2:13pm

Mafalda: Oh Mort, what a vision!!!
Miguel: Jajajajajaja … Go back to the uniforms!
Mort: Yes!

Subject: The Deposed Despot Shah And His Solo Ballet Of Vines
Time: 2:16pm

Subject: The Election Will Be “Rigged”!
Time: 6:41pm


Subject: Mort Is Offering His Fort As Time-Share To Kurdish Rebels
Time: 9:42am

Subject: “My Ass Is A Piano,”…
Time: 9:43am

…said the pickup truck!

Miguel: Can anyone touch it?
Mort: The truck prefers being touched in “F Major”!

Subject: Some Sidewalk Foods Are Microwaveable
Time: 9:44am

Miguel: How rude… You walk into the homeless kitchen …
Mort: Vagabond cuisine is having a comeback!

Subject: The Bus That Fetched Red Espresso
Time: 12:53pm


Subject: The Yellow Rose Of Mortonia
Time: 8:59am

Subject: The Mutilation Of “Ancient Regime’s” Goddess Of Multifamily Dwelling
Time: 9:03am

Subject: A Seedy, Vegetarian Snake Oil
Time: 9:06am

Subject: Ahmed The Narcissist
Time: 9:08am

Subject: Industrial Horse Being Carriaged To Mort’s Stable (TWO PICS)
Time: 9:08am


Subject: Hyacinth Spotting
Time: 9:12am

Subject: The Hunt For Purple Cloud
Time: 9:13am


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