Mutilated Heavy Machinery

Saturday, August 11

Subject: Mertz!
Time: 1:43pm

Subject: For Good Luck Women Are To Sit On A Mill Shaft And Crack Some Nuts
Time: 7:32pm

Subject: To Cure My Eye Infection I Saluted My Excrement!
Time: 7:38pm

Subject: Woves And Naken Men!
Time: 7:53pm

Subject: How Golpaigan Was Named!
Time: 8:02pm

Tuesday, August 14

Subject: Mugu-Lan=Mugulan=Mughals
Time: 11:55am


Subject: Preservation Of Energy As An Art Installation
Time: 11:58am

Yasmine: That ain’t a treasure. Thas a cow.
Mort: Ju geedz!

Subject: Mozi “The Mare Mounter”
Time: 12:02pm

Subject: Not All Raisins Come From California!
Time: 12:03pm

Subject: A Bobstito Within The Bobst
Time: 12:04pm

Subject: Hayedeh Is Jealous!
Time: 1:33pm

Subject: “I never received your fax,” Said the Blue Garbage Bag!
Time: 2:56pm

Subject: Iranian Lezgis Look So “Sharp” When They Dance
Time: 2:58pm


Subject: Kemal Atamort The Central Power Of Islamic Pretenders
Time: 9:03am

Subject: Composting Violates Vegetable Rights
Time: 9:04am

Subject: Qatar Alert! Lost In Translation
Time: 10:00am

Courtesy of Miguel Zavala Martinez!

Yasmine: I saw this on Facebook. pretty ridiculous

Subject: Mort In Disguise During His Formative Years
Time: 8:38pm

Courtesy of Yasmine B.


Subject: Greco-Persian Alliances Par Mortcellance!
Time: 3:44pm

Subject: The Multi-Dimensionality Of A Heroic Village
Time: 3:49pm

Subject: After Catepil Mirza Was Blinded By His Royal Uncle!
Time: 4:01pm

Subject: Foot Fecal Therapy In India
Time: 4:06pm

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