Melon Jurisprudence

Wednesday, August 8

Subject: Dehkardi, Village Fornicator
Time: 8:01am

Subject: Eternal Leaders Of The Arab World
Time: 9:47am

Subject: Football Match: Army (Nezam), 17 vs. Islam, Zero!
Time: 5:30pm

Etella’aat 1939, all bse of Reza Shah’s support!


Subject: Koonfederacion; Where Are They Now?
Time: 7:23am

Nazie: 2 part answer: 1. Not in Iran, except in jail as in “Aghaye” Docktor Yazdi….or in “Behesht” Zahara Rahnahvard :( 2. Not in China or Cuba or any other “communist” country ;)
Subject: Seltz & Seltza’!
Time: 7:25am

Subject: Cantaloupe Justice
Time: 8:30am


Subject: The Modernity Police Prohibited Him from Continuing Being A Dervish….So He Became A Flower Boy!
Time: 1:05pm

Subject: The Carpenter Who Fixes Crooked Vaginas
Time: 4:09pm

A Bakhtiari folktail!

Mafalda: Where in the world you find such a literature? We were talking about vaginas yesterday and phalluses… And today a text on how to straighten vaginas???
Mort: They just appear on their own!

Subject: Twisting “The Concealed Umbrella Law”
Time: 5:44pm

Subject: Functionality Of Footwear In India
Time: 5:45pm

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