Do Not Look a Gift Horse in the Penis


Subject: Children’s Unhealthy Curiosity In The Orient
Time: 10:47am

Subject: An Effective Way To Lose One’s Concubine
Time: 10:49am

Miguel: As effective as “I married a Republican”?
Mort: Which one is more malignant?
Miguel: I must guess the one that speaks the most, detail the less, and then smile
Mort: That’s a Republican!

Subject: Cosmology Scene NOT Done By Georgia O’Keeffe
Time: 10:56am

Subject: Mr Vanilla Scoop Going For A Ride!
Time: 10:57am

Subject: Interracial Couple And Its Green Child
Time: 10:59am

Subject: A Dumb Horse’s Erect Penis
Time: 8:27pm

Yasmine: Gross. I once went with with [Redacted] to see the famous Lipizzaner Dancing Horses at some stadium in College Station. When the star horse came out for his solo performance the spot light shone on him to reveal ….well a very different kind of show. All the children seemed pretty frightened/confused by the appendage they had not noticed on the posters promoting the event.
Mort: Yasmine is so beautiful!

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