Your Pastries Suck (Blood)

Friday, July 27

Subject: Scandal Boutique
Time: 10:23am

Wednesday, August 1

Subject: Sultan Mort The Mortificent, The Juvenile Caliph Of Saracens
Time: 7:26pm


Subject: Dracula Wants His Cake, But He Will Continue To Indulge In Blood
Time: 9:29am

Subject: Addressing A Transgendered Akhond
Time: 9:31am

Subject: Racism In Formative Years
Time: 8:18pm

The white doll is terrified of the black physician.

Subject: Sofa Takes Revenge Of All The Bad Landings It Has Received
Time: 8:21pm

Subject: Adult Diapers Used On Incontinent Trees
Time: 8:23pm

Subject: Post-Mortem “Bonerism” In Ottoman Empire
Time: 8:27pm

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One Response to Your Pastries Suck (Blood)

  1. The ottoman pic reminds me of the last scene in the movie the “cook , the thief, the wife and the lover” , pretty grotesque but masterfully done

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