Be Careful with that Cigarette. You Don’t Want to Set Your Turban Aflame.

Tuesday, July 24

Subject: Cannibalism In Qom, 1940.
Time: 10:18pm

Subject: The Optician That Causes Harm From Day One-Iran 1939
Time: 10:49pm

Nader: Where do you find these papers?!
Mort: They misspelled “beemeh” as “beemyeh”

Subject: Anti-Zionist Medicine, Iran of 1939
Time: 10:50pm

Subject: The Wolf’s Mistake: He Took Robabeh, Not Ruhollah!
Time: 11:09pm


Subject: How Hausmann Imitated Mortmannization!
Time: 11:14pm


Subject: Aeromorto, A New Airline With Old World Charm
Time: 2:26pm

Subject: Is Having A Small Ass A Developmental Problem?
Time: 4:59pm

Subject: Fatima Cigarettes Cause Emphysema!
Time: 5:00pm

Subject: Who Confiscated Mort’s Garden?
Time: 5:02pm

Subject: The Freedom Of Parallel Parking
Time: 5:03pm

Subject: Gay Parade In Palestine
Time: 5:06pm

Subject: Mort Dismisses His Capricious Servant, Omar The Rotund
Time: 5:09pm

Subject: “Bakhshesh” Comes In Many Versions
Time: 5:11pm

Subject: Nubia Requires Licensure For Its Mixologists
Time: 5:13pm

Subject: This Year Mort’s Agribusiness May Not Yield Enough For His Subsistence
Time: 6:16pm

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