A TV in the Library

Tuesday, July 17

Subject: Local Chinese Remedies For Male Infertility Deemed Effective
Time: 8:54pm

Subject: Occasionally The World Needs Inflation
Time: 8:55pm

Subject: A Midcentury Iranian Estarbucks Serving A Shart, Semi-Tall Fard-e A’laa’ Dardeelingo!
Time: 8:57pm

Subject: The Functionality Of “krak” For The Purpose Of “Reed”
Time: 8:59pm

Subject: Farmers’ Market’s Revenge; The Financial Burden Of “Buying Local”
Time: 9:01pm

Sunday, July 22

Subject: Mort’s Celestial Delight
Time: 8:05pm


Subject: New Emblem For Mortomobile #1
Time: 7:41am

Subject: Camel Penis Factory
Time: 7:47am

Subject: Emblem #3
Time: 7:49am

Subject: Emblem #2
Time: 7:50am

Subject: Mortian Summer In Tex-Ass
Time: 7:51am


Subject: Aqaye Vazeer At Mort’s Biblioteque
Time: 1:38am

Subject: Trying To Find A Jewish Husband For Sahar or Her Retinue
Time: 1:42am

Subject: Mort Is Diversifying in Auto Mechanics.
Time: 1:47am

Subject: Bacteria Playing In The Park!
Time: 4:52pm

Sahar: What is that really???
Mort: A painting by Alexander Fleming the discoverer of penicillin.

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