That Chair Looks Like a Knock-Off

Saturday, June 23

Subject: Rubbish Modern Hermann Miller
Time: 11:33pm

Sunday, June 24

Subject: Darab Viewed Via A Florentine Lens
Time: 6:47pm

Tuesday, June 26

Subject: Diversity Of Barberism In Yazd, Iran
Time: 1:30pm

Subject: Dasht-e Kir Goes Green!
Time: 2:05pm

Subject: Iranian Elvis Attempts At Normalizing Bread Prices
Time: 1:23pm

Miguel: I hope he succeeds! … And I thought whole foods was overpriced

Subject: “Poop Farsi,” Read The Dyslexic”
Time: 3:20pm

Wednesday, June 27

Subject: Elephantine Resistance To Colonialism
Time: 2:46pm

Subject: Wyeth’s “Crippled Girl” Impersonating Lavender
Time: 2:49pm

Miguel: Wyeth was a perv !
Mort: Yes, and not “our” kind of perv!

Subject: This Season Tuberculosis Comes In Bright Pistachio Green
Time: 2:45pm

Subject: Wax Buildup Causes Numerous Aesthetic Problems
Time: 3:06pm

Subject: Mort Qoli Khan’s 1882 Wedding That Never Took Place
Time: 3:10pm

Subject: Future Is Nothing But Waste
Time: 5:14pm

Thursday, June 28

Subject: Consolidated Throne At The Mortopolis
Time: 8:18am

Subject: Anthrax Infection Of The Finger = A Poor Man’s Onyx Ring
Time: 8:19am

Saturday, June 30

Subject: Tio Mort At Tia Pol
Time: 11:22am

Subject: Beware Of Canine Sexual Predators
Time: 7:31pm

Subject: Incestuous Yellow Cabs In The Image!
Time: 7:33pm

Subject: One Apple A Day Will Keep The Mechanic Away
Time: 8:31am

Subject: Life Is A Vertical Mirage
Time: 8:34am

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