Madam, the Front of Your Pants Fell Off


Subject: How Mort Felt After Eating Two Arby’s Mortwitches!
Time: 10:18pm


Subject: How Maxim Guns Turned The Colonies Into Minims–Circa WWI
Time: 8:27am

Subject: The Job Description Of The 99%-ers!
Time: 8:30am

Subject: Sarah Palin Cross-Dressing
Time: 8:32am

Subject: Elephantitis Upclose!
Time: 8:33am

Subject: Emulating The Practice Of Dirty Laundry Exposure
Time: 8:34am

Subject: Tribesmen Take Their Revenge On The Usurious Merchant
Time: 8:36am

Subject: The Polish Learned How To Cook Borscht From Indian Mutineers
Time: 8:37am

Miguel: That’s why it looks nasty even on a silver platter

Subject: This is the correct pic for qormeh sabzi!
Time: 8:38am

Subject: Urban Planning By Mort’s Daughter
Time: 8:49am

Miguel: Great job Sahar!

Subject: A “Red” Texas Couple
Time: 8:52am

Subject: PAAIA-Circa 1906…
Time: 6:43pm

…All Pomp No Teeth

Subject: Alec Waugh, Older Brother Of Evelynn Waugh
Time: 6:45pm

This is what inspired “Brideshead Revisited”

Subject: Three Favz Of Mort In One Frame:
Time: 6:49pm

-Amir Abbas Hoveyda
-Orchid In His Lapel
-Citroen DS 1971 in the back…

Subject: Citroen DS Adorned By Imperial Iranian Flag
Time: 6:49pm

Subject: Rear Window: James Stewart & Grace Kelley, Directed By Mortfred Hitchcock
Time: 6:52pm

…Spying on Mort

Subject: Overbuiling Exacerbates The Housing Crisis
Time: 6:54pm

Subject: Self Mortrait With One Of His Numerous Fans
Time: 7:00pm

Subject: When The Barrista Ate Too Many Muffins
Time: 7:12pm

Subject: No Silver Lining In The Clouds For Mort
Time: 7:13pm

Subject: Surrealistic Voyeurism Of A Properly Clad Woman
Time: 7:23pm

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