From Going Rogue to Going on Clearance

Thursday, June 7

Subject: Inflagrante Delicto; Can’t Have Privacy In Da Veins No More!
Time: 11:29am

Sahar: I dunno. Those results seem like a fluke.
Mort: LOL

Subject: Mort’s Only Companion
Time: 7:27pm

Subject: Somber Repatriation
Time: 7:32pm

Saturday, June 9

Subject: Flying Carriage At The Mortopolis, King Solomon’s Envy!
Time: 5:31pm

Subject: Anti-Vagabond Law Passed By Iranian Parliament-Circa 1929
Time: 5:37pm

Subject: Adam’s “Eve” Was Polish
Time: 5:39pm

Subject: A New Porcine Disease Detected At The Mortopolis
Time: 6:39pm

Mina: It looks like a porcine accessory… Maybe they have a symbiotic relationship…
Mort: They do, and a symbiotic one with Mort, too!
Mina: Gross.
Mort: Yes, we are teying to eradicate it.
Mina: Have you had Teyberries?
Mort: No, I heard they are berry, nerry bad!
Mina: Don’t be silly. They’re between a blackberry and raspberry. Soft magenta color, and very good.
Mort: I prefer Mortonberries!
Mina: No such thing.
Mort: It exists in the Darabische Handbook of Botany!
Mina: A work of fiction…
Mina: Mort excells at it!
Mina: Excells? Mort certainly doesn’t excel at spelling…


Subject: Religious Orgy And Bestiality Gone Awry
Time: 10:36am

Subject: A Contemporary Exhibition Of Saffron And Sumac
Time: 11:51am


Subject: Abundance Of Jewry
Time: 8:10am

Subject: Former King Of Italy Imitating Mort
Time: 8:15am

Subject: An Unwise $4.00 Investment
Time: 8:17am

Subject: Bloomberg Is Accused Of Promising Useless Green Cards
Time: 8:37am

Subject: Mort’s Self-Love Is An Endless Alley
Time: 8:39am

Subject: An Office Module For Vagabond Entrepreneurs In The Era Of Austerity Measures
Time: 8:41am

Subject: Deconstruction Of A Sidewalk Accidental Face With A Wig
Time: 11:55am

Subject: Mort Vilifies A Denatured “Elizabeth Arden”
Time: 2:47pm

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