Lazer Catz

Saturday, May 5

Subject: Erectory Of Immaculate Conceptions
Time: 8:25pm

Subject: The Door To Joan Miro’s House
Time: 8:27pm

Subject: Masad, The Israeli Secret Police Was Detected Next To Khybar Pass
Time: 8:31pm

Subject: Toilet Training Gone Awry
Time: 8:35pm

Sunday, May 6

Subject: Our Lady Of Mutual Caramel
Time: 8:11pm

Monday, May 7

Subject: An Inadvisable Surname
Time: 6:54pm

Subject: Mohammad Ali Shah & His Brother In Drag
Time: 6:56pm

Subject: Messianic Value Of Bolsheviks
Time: 7:05pm

Tuesday, May 8

Subject: Maritime Travel In Brooklyn
Time: 8:13am

Subject: Confessions Of A Jealous Artist
Time: 8:14am

Mafalda: Accurate and brilliant!
Mort: Thanks love.

Subject: Metamorphosis Of David Bowie
Time: 9:07am

Subject: Father Of The Month
Time: 9:28am

Subject: A Cat Sentinel Impersonating An Owl
Time: 9:29am

Subject: Feline Sentinel Posing As A Cat
Time: 9:31am

Subject: Mort Is A Simple Man And He Cares For Animal Rights
Time: 2:34pm

Subject: The New French Prez Is A Brit
Time: 2:49pm

….His teeth are evidence!

Subject: The Unmentionable Masquerade
Time: 5:44pm

Wednesday, May 9

Subject: Rodentophile Orientalism
Time: 6:35pm


Subject: Arranged Marriage
Time: 2:02am

Subject: Pareent!
Time: 2:11am

Subject: Send Your Daughters To Nun-Run Escolitos!
Time: 2:18am

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