Be the Candidate You Want to See in the World

Subject: This Is What Academia Does To Women
Time: 7:21am

Subject: From Fabreez To Parees (Paris a la Persian)
Time: 7:29am

Subject: Mortality & Animals
Time: 7:30am

Subject: Abu Dhabi & Manchester
Time: 7:32am

Subject: Flying One’s Own Sun Bought From El Mercado Del Sol
Time: 7:09am

Mina: That’s just a big fat balloon, dear.
Mort: Sorry love, my imagination went too fat this morning!
Yasmine: so cute! Where did this comez fron?
Mort: Oklahomerz, it be a baloon para weather forecastin’.

Subject: Elizabettan Nineo
Time: 7:33am

Subject: Passive Resistance Coming To Sugar Land, Texas
Time: 1:01pm

Subject: The 9 tear Old Ayesheh Was From Cambridge
Time: 1:18pm

Subject: The Shield, A Necessary Fixture In Qazvin
Time: 2:03pm

Subject: A European Gets Aroused (Crotch Engorgement) By Seeing An Oriental
Time: 3:41pm

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