I Think Mort Called Me a Rat….


Subject: Barak O Is From Darab, Evidence Attached
Time: 9:39am

Subject: A Multitasking Green Hipster Before Falling Down
Time: 9:39am

Subject: Prohibition In The Brothel District A’A “New City”–1921
Time: 9:40am

Subject: Hallucinogenic Aspects Of Big Mac Expressed In Levitation
Time: 9:41am

Subject: Canine Ophthalmia Is Epidemic In NYC
Time: 3:37pm

Miguel: Cute, thanks Gosh Coco has not that problem

Subject: The IRI Admiral’s Name Is “Griefless Lackey” — Khadem-e Bee-Gham!
Time: 3:38pm

Subject: People Used To Walk All Over Sultan Ahmad Shah
Time: 3:42pm

Mina: He was such a Fat Boy.
Mort: In 1922, however, he lost 100 pounds, but in 1923 regained 105!

Subject: An Ugly “Lord Of Creation” Results Into An Ugly Nation
Time: 3:44pm

Subject: Mort Is Running For The Mayor Of Paradaeza
Time: 3:47pm

Yasmine: Cinema Paradaeza
Mort: You are sooooooo kute!

Subject: A Rodent Went To Reed College To Study Linguistics!
Time: 3:48pm

Subject: “Darioush, Rest In Peace, Because…”
Time: 3:51pm

Mina: Kourosh beedareh?
Mort: Yes, but busy freeing up dem Jewz!

Subject: Goats Are Exempt From Roaming Fees
Time: 10:50pm

Miguel: That’s what you were drinking LOL


Subject: Ethnic Stimulation; Natives Are Restless!
Time: 9:05am

Subject: Cypresses One Step Before The Wind Strikes Them And Paisleys Are Formed
Time: 9:12am

Subject: Triumph Arches Under Which Mort Walks
Time: 9:14am

Subject: The Lone Pulpit For Auto-Hygiene
Time: 9:19am

Subject: An Ideal Ambulance For Salon Totalitaire
Time: 9:24am

Miguel: Buy it and hang it from the ceiling too !

Subject: Mort Is Not The Sole Pharma Promoter
Time: 9:26am

Subject: Before The Orgy Begins The Mullah And The Apprentice Explain The Rules And Regulations
Time: 1:30pm

Yasmine: “Let’s say the safe word is ‘Allahu Snack Bar'”
Mort: You’re a delight.
Mina: …or let’s just say allahulasaleala mohamad va aleh mohamad…or abracadabra schlmiel schlmossel schnorrer and hocus pocus.
Mort: Such erotic phrases!

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