Where’s Morto

Friday, April 20

Subject: “The Shelter” At The Mortopolis
Time: 12:42pm

Subject: Another Cat In Iranian History
Time: 6:10pm

Saturday, April 21

Subject: Gohrah, Village That Requires You To Travel Via Feces To Get To It!
Time: 10:45pm

Subject: Mina, Mimosa And Fine Silk
Time: 11:55pm

What about minaret (as in where mullahs chant) and mincemeat?


Subject: Polychromatic Stars Celebrate Mort’s Arrival
Time: 11:24am

Subject: The Author With Genital Illness
Time: 11:27am

Subject: Can You Spot The Holy Mort In This Photo?
Time: 11:56am

Subject: The Raven Who Remembers Edgar Alan Poe
Time: 1:36pm

Subject: The River That Impersonates An Asphalted Road
Time: 1:36pm

Subject: Unisex Hot Pants
Time: 1:47pm

Subject: High Carb Testicles
Time: 1:48pm


Sahar: But they’re gluten free!
Mort: I’m on a Protein diet

Subject: Use Of Sexual Paraphernalia For Animal Abuse Is No Laughing Matter!
Time: 1:50pm

Subject: Chairman Mortao
Time: 7:10pm

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