Black Sheep Appear More Slender


Subject: Sahar’s Ambition
Time: 12:26pm


Subject: Iranian Gendarmerie Circa 1908 And Their Steel Bosoms (Pestanha-ye Puladeen)
Time: 2:42pm

Subject: Corrupt-os-Saltaneh, Mozi’s Greedy Son And The Gov of Fars (x2)
Time: 2:43pm

Subject: Amateur Practices Of Taxidermy In Revolutionary Persia–1906-1909
Time: 2:46pm

Subject: Simin Ghanem’s Daughter?
Time: 2:47pm

Subject: Baba Karam Of New York
Time: 2:48pm

Subject: Morto-Medicalization, A Propitious Method To Improve Any Society
Time: 2:50pm

Subject: IRI’s Method Of Diplomatic Foreplay
Time: 2:53pm

Subject: Rats In Iran Before 1979
Time: 2:55pm

Subject: Cholera, Inebriation & Religious Minorities In 1820s Shiraz
Time: 2:57pm

Subject: Mohammad Khan The Parasite!
Time: 3:07pm

Subject: Where The Lost Tribes Of “Tang” Dynasty Landed!
Time: 3:08pm

Subject: Pyrophobia At The Mortopolis
Time: 3:32pm

Subject: Should One Be Flaunting One’s Oversized Rooster Or Other Poultry?
Time: 3:11pm

Mina: Ghodrateh khoda cheghadr bee adab hasteed!
Mort: Merely disseminating factoids re poultry science, my dear!

Subject: For Diplomatic Reasons Mort Is To Marry A Bride From Each Ethnic Group Of His Mortpire
Time: 3:04pm

Mina: I think your favorite bride is wearing the giant lambskin hat.
Mort: Yes, once a black sheep, always a black sheep!
Mina: Once inbred, always inbred…

Subject: Persia’s Sharpened Blade–Alas Mullahs Are Blade-Proof!
Time: 2:37pm

Mina: No kidding…
Mort: Even marg-e moosh, even arsenic!
Nazie: Soooooo true!!!!!

Subject: Black Sheep White Sheep
Time: 5:08pm

Subject: Itinerant “Roller & Dealer”!
Time: 5:11pm

Subject: Conjugal Mobility And Intimacy In Bucolic Iran
Time: 5:12pm

Subject: Freud Advocated Verticality, But Mort Prefers The Horizontal Charchubs!
Time: 5:15pm

Subject: The Niche Of The 14th Imam’s Shrine
Time: 5:21pm

Subject: The Lioness Of Bandar Abbas!
Time: 5:27pm

An old man yells, “I’m hungry” and then a young woman gets on the car’s hood to talk to Ahmadinejad face to face

Subject: The Great Gatsby Jumps Ship!
Time: 6:45pm

Subject: Horny Eco-Tourism
Time: 6:46pm

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