Goddesses in the Outer Boroughs


Subject: The Lord Sent His Messenger To Satisfy His Followers’ Thirst, But They Only Comprehended The Metric System
Time: 10:21pm

Subject: Hamburger Eating Is Part Of The Faith
Time: 10:25pm

Subject: Koran Reading For The Sick Is Futile, Because Most Disease Don’t Comprehend Arabic
Time: 10:29pm


Subject: Phantasmagorias At Mort’s Building
Time: 8:50am

Subject: Hindu Goddess Greets Mort In Williamsburg
Time: 8:52am

Subject: Sexual Practices And Chancre d’Intern In Medieval Persia
Time: 8:56am

Subject: Some Practices At Liberastan
Time: 9:00am

Subject: Ali’s Vodka
Time: 9:12am

Subject: Houston Welcomes Mort
Time: 2:59pm

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One Response to Goddesses in the Outer Boroughs

  1. Shirine says:

    She is truely beautiful your hindu godesse Le Baron and Dash….thanks for sharing

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