Le Mort pour le Mort

Thursday, April 5

Subject: Junta Separating IVECO Love
Time: 8:40pm

Subject: Mort’s Nuptual Chambre
Time: 8:42pm

Subject: Mort Is Loved In Double Strength Fashion
Time: 8:47pm

Subject: Islamists’ Corruption Of Cherubs
Time: 8:49pm

Subject: How Europe Is Losing Its Masculinity
Time: 8:50pm

Subject: Even Toddlers of Northern Europe Have Joined In To Humiliate Greek People
Time: 8:54pm

Subject: Islam Forbids Women To Flirt With Red-Meat Burgers And Bosom Looking Drinks
Time: 8:59pm

Also Al-Shabab has forbidden bras to fulfill their commander’s mammalian taste.

Friday, April 6

Subject: Al-Shabab Recruiting Armed Dellos!
Time: 3:38am


Subject: Mort’s Sausage Contributes To French Cuisine
Time: 12:08am

Subject: A Frenchman Twisting The Truth
Time: 12:17am

Subject: Buy A Bowl Of Halim, Get A Free Massage!
Time: 12:18am

Subject: Afghan Army Forgetting Their Management Techniques–Demanagement!
Time: 12:22am

Subject: Derridot Deconstructs Mort
Time: 12:24am

Subject: Mort’s Eye Got Red Because Of Wearing A Stilletoe(sp?)
Time: 12:26am

Subject: Wet Nurse Envy Of Monstrous Proportions
Time: 12:29am

Subject: Epitaph Of Sahar’s Namesake (A Darabi Immigrant To Africa) Who Expired Of Excessive Catharsis
Time: 12:34am

Subject: Numerous Morts Fought And Sacrificed In The French Army
Time: 12:34am

Subject: Venue For Silent Flatulence
Time: 12:40am

Subject: Ruby Rouge Eyes De La Mort
Time: 12:42am

Subject: Mr. Alavi Is Full Of Shit!
Time: 12:15am

Mina: That’s an ad for andouillette…
Mort: Not ratatouille?

Subject: Europeans Believe Obama Is Full Of Hot Air!
Time: 12:45am

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One Response to Le Mort pour le Mort

  1. “Venue For Silent Flatulence” someone please bring a microphone

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