Morteza, Buy Her Another Egg


Subject: Junk Mail Is No Longer Making Any Sense
Time: 10:05am

Subject: Key-Khosrow Is Playing Bondage With The White Deev
Time: 10:08am

Subject: Mort’s New Pharmaco-Manifesto
Time: 10:09am

Subject: Recreating The Japanese Man…
Time: 10:11am

Subject: Il Mortassessema
Time: 10:14am

Subject: The Painful Porn…
Time: 10:16am

Subject: How Iran Lost A Handsome Porn Star
Time: 10:18am

Subject: If You Bypass Mort, You’ll Be Dead
Time: 4:48pm

Subject: Mort’s Court Minstrel In Zoomotifed Hejab
Time: 4:52pm

Yasmine: Be careful, that Saudi A-rabbit-an’s eyes are too seductive.
Mort: Ju goods!

Subject: Soiled Pajama Trousers By Sadeq Hedayat
Time: 5:47pm

Subject: The Mattophilia Club
Time: 3:14pm

Sahar: I have a feeling this one is dedicated to you.
Matt: I’ve heard of them :-)


Subject: Mullah Mortad-Din & Two Elephants On The Precipice!
Time: 9:45am

Subject: Golpayegan On Mort’s Kitchen Ceiling
Time: 9:49am

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