A Robust, Tannic Despot


Subject: While Embracing His Beloved, The Minature Quran Stand Is Eyeing Another Mistress
Time: 3:34pm

Subject: Certain States Still Allow Hanging And Some Even Advertise It!
Time: 3:38pm

Subject: The Futile Attempt Of Henry V To Compete With Mort I
Time: 3:42pm

Subject: Lilliputian Footwear (NOT Ota-Fucku!) For Turkish Hammam
Time: 3:45pm

Subject: Getting Stoned And Ass Play, Ottoman Style
Time: 3:47pm

Subject: Salt And Pepper United For Mort’s Cullinary Satisfaction
Time: 4:01pm

Subject: Redneck Romance
Time: 4:05pm

Subject: Identity Crisis Of Basmati Rice
Time: 5:36pm

Subject: Violating Mort’s Copyrights
Time: 6:17pm

Subject: The “F” Word Misspelled
Time: 6:14pm

Mina: No…A Midsummer Night’s Dream…
Mort: Lol….Did u see the Arabic word “qabeleh” underneath the title? I wonder what a midwife has to do with Karim Cheese….buhahhahhaa?

Subject: Mort Finds Love In Unlikely Places
Time: 6:20pm

Mina: The Love Car?
Mort: Yes, amoromobile!

Subject: New Additions To Salon Totalitaire
Time: 6:38pm

Subject: Salon Totalitaire
Time: 6:40pm

Subject: Totalitarian Oenology A La Pinochet
Time: 7:30pm


Subject: Mortstache Revisited
Time: 9:26am

Subject: Build Da High Wall & Electrify It!
Time: 12:45pm

Subject: “Baharlu Galdi”: Istanbul Chicks Are Celebrating Mort’s Arrival!
Time: 12:48pm

Subject: “Natives” Are Restless
Time: 12:49pm

Subject: Esfandiar Is Driving A Hybrid
Time: 7:36pm

Subject: The IRI’s Revolutionary Guards Wearing Ray Ban Replicas Procured At A 99-Cent Store
Time: 7:40pm

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