The Transport of Goods and Services

Thursday, October 6

Subject: White Collars Of Yesteryears!
Time: 9:37pm

Subject: Radish & Tequila, Another Example of Irano-Mexican Alliance
Time: 9:42pm

Subject: My Coiffeur My Choice
Time: 9:45pm

Subject: In No Time They Will Attack The Wall Street
Time: 9:51pm

Subject: Independent Weavers’ Aeathetic Support Of Vagabonds
Time: 9:57pm


Subject: The Big Ass Fan In Action
Time: 3:20pm

Subject: I’m Having A Cow!
Time: 5:05pm

Subject: Weapons Of Mort Destruction
Time: 8:06pm


Subject: An Armchair Capable Of Sexual Manipulation
Time: 2:00pm

Subject: An Ideal Kinetic “Position”
Time: 3:00pm

Subject: Freezing My Ass Off!
Time: 3:02pm

Subject: Mobile Narcissism In Vietnam
Time: 3:03pm

Subject: I Smell Bacon!
Time: 3:04pm

Mort: I’m so sorry Sahara, but they are cute! I will stop now, because there are more graphic ones and I don’t wanna upset yah. Cuz I luv yah!
Sahar: I really want a piglet companion. I’d treat him or her very well.
Mort: My beautiful, I will get you anything you want, cuz you are good chickie!

Subject: If There Is a Whale (….or a shark!) There Is A Way!
Time: 3:05pm

Subject: Pot Transport Is Legal For Medical Or Cullinary Use!
Time: 3:07pm

Subject: Transforming Japanese Auto Technology
Time: 3:08pm

Subject: Mamakos, An Unfortunate Name For A Bygone Film Director!
Time: 3:17pm

If you don’t believe me, go to this link: Peter Mamakos!

Subject: Uniqlo is expanding because of Mort!
Time: 4:09pm

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