Homosexuals in Combat

Friday, September 23

Subject: Mosaddegh’s Ferver For Nationalization of Oil & Fuel Was Self Serving
Time: 9:03am

Subject: The Dormant State Of The Nation Is In Dire Need For A Spark And Eternal Fire
Time: 9:09am

Subject: Kerchief Dance
Time: 10:30am


Subject: Her Imperial Majesty’s Cock Chafer
Time: 7:38pm

Subject: Impressed Orphan Socks
Time: 7:37pm

Subject: The Era In Which Sahara Respected Her Patriarch
Time: 7:39pm

Subject: Faux Female Electric Devices Are Required To Practice Hijab
Time: 7:45pm

Subject: Certain Religions Even Sanctify Their Feces
Time: 7:47pm

Subject: The Tip Of An Ersatz Iceberg
Time: 7:48pm

Subject: Mort Was Framed In His Harem
Time: 7:51pm

Subject: A Logo Proposal For Thrustees
Time: 7:52pm

Subject: Hermaphrodites, A Niche Market For Hardware Stores
Time: 7:55pm

Subject: Senator Santorum’s Homosexual Behavior In The Military
Time: 8:00pm

Subject: Santorum Closeup
Time: 8:02pm

Subject: Noah Violated Numerous Aspects Of Animal Rights
Time: 8:03pm

Subject: A Nuclear Sub-Family At The Mortopolis
Time: 8:05pm

Subject: The Guest Bedroom
Time: 8:07pm

Saturday, September 24

Subject: The Texas Drought Has Affected Many Areas; Immediate Rejuvenation Needed!
Time: 5:08pm


Subject: Iranian-American Lawyer Working On Transvaginal Cases
Time: 11:00am

Subject: Mr. Belkin Is Trying To Grow A Mustache
Time: 11:04am

Subject: The Devil Abducted Eve After Rape-Killing Adam
Time: 11:06am

Subject: Tavanaa Bovad Har Ke Daanaa Bovad
Time: 11:02am

Mina: How do you know this isn’t meant to be Tea Party Nirvana?

Subject: The Holy Convents In Upfront, Transparent & Exposed States
Time: 12:35pm

Subject: “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Is Repealed
Time: 2:59pm

Courtesy of Yasmine G. Baharloo

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