Eggplants Fill the Void Left By Children Who Do Not Return Your Calls

Friday, July 29

Subject: How To Express To Negligent Children You Miss Them
Time: 10:05pm

Sunday, July 31

Subject: The Neglectful!
Time: 10:19pm


Subject: When A “Made In China” Object Ridicules Nature!
Time: 11:27pm

Monday, August 1

Subject: Al-Biruni “Of The Exterior”
Time: 12:25am

Mina: Except he wasn’t a Muslim…
Mort: Deep “inside”, nobody is a Muslim!
Mina: In Biruni’s case, you wouldn’t even have to dig to make that observation…
Mort: How so love?
Mina: first you have to drop the “al” and next you have to read his stuff to see how profoundly iranian and non-islamic he was…
Mort: Chashm, eta’at! Should I call him “Reyhee” and not Abu-Reyhan?
Mina: call him gashneez…buwahahahaha….
Mort: Or Jafari (aka Jefferson)!
Mina: what do you suppose hamilton would be?
Mort: Hamilton did not have an Iranian or herbal root!
Mina: do you suppose he was a hammal of tons?

Subject: Mort The Matchmaker!
Time: 12:55pm

Subject: The Explosive Side Effect of Dialectics
Time: 1:51pm

Subject: Mortonian Diplomacy
Time: 2:07pm

Force Feed Greek Yogurt to Turks and Turkish Coffee to Greeks!

Yasmine: demitri is the proof!
Mort: That ad was from his shop!

Subject: Ass The Suitor
Time: 2:10pm

Subject: Mort The Harlequin
Time: 2:16pm

Subject: Mort The Admirable Admiral
Time: 2:17pm

Subject: Polybarenjenosis
Time: 2:19pm

Subject: Qaraqoyunlu (the Black Sheep): How to Lampoon the Baharlus
Time: 2:24pm

Subject: Micromanagement Aint Da Real Work!
Time: 2:26pm

Subject: Necrophilia of a Young Eggplant
Time: 2:30pm

Subject: Surprise me!
Time: 3:30pm

Subject: “The Grass Is Greener Across The Fence” was the last thing she was thinking about!
Time: 4:39pm

Subject: granada, anar, nar, pommegranate, mortogranate
Time: 4:57pm

Subject: DWI
Time: 6:58pm

Driving While Indian!

Subject: Mort May Switch Occupation
Time: 8:32pm

Switching to construction because of the aesthetics of its machinery.

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