Sunday May, 8

Subject: Cannons, Minerates, Stars n Such!
Time: 10:55am

Subject: Suspended Informatics
Time: 10:58am

Subject: Carrot Juice Before his John Hancock
Time: 11:00am

Subject: Exiles in da Mirror
Time: 11:02am

Subject: American canine Gothics
Time: 11:05am

Yasmine: Squirt is enslaved as garamond’s wet nurse

Subject: Frank Cilantro: “This babycorn is a pennypincher!”
Time: 4:53am

Subject: Parallelism with Bamboos
Time: 4:56pm

Subject: The Luck of the Irish Anus
Time: 5:52pm


Subject: Mate Kaas Before Going on the Schindler’s List
Time: 5:06pm

Subject: Paper Clip Holder Imitating a Cubic Domed Chartaq of Iranian Architecture
Time: 5:17pm

Subject: Target Shooring in Qazvin!
Time: 5:25pm

Subject: The Four-Fingered Hand of Fatima Protecting Mort’s Maidens
Time: 5:22pm

Subject: Mort Confronting the Devil Before Recognizing His Own Mirror Image
Time: 5:26pm

Subject: He Died for The Dick!
Time: 5:30pm

Or did he dye the Dick?

Subject: How Mort’s Military Physician Cured His Gout
Time: 5:35pm

Subject: Pornography and Terrorism
Time: 6:26pm

Proof that my yesterday’s talk in nyc was not futile!

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