A Pear Made in Heaven

Friday, February 11

Subject: When Grapes Fall in Love with Mort–Persian
Time: 9:46am


Subject: Grapes Love Mort–French
Time: 9:49am

Subject: Love of Mort-English
Time: 9:53am

Subject: Mort Love!
Time: 10:04am

Subject: IMG02228-20110210-1305.jpg
Time: 12:43pm

Subject: As Suppressed Egyptians Got Their Freedom, So Will Oppressed Pears
Time: 12:45pm

Subject: A Pair of Pears Freedom Fighters
Time: 12:47pm

Subject: An Outdoors Electric Outlet Wearing A Burqa
Time: 6:49pm


Subject: An Ass Sniffing Contest Circa 17th Century
Time: 12pm

Note the leader’s gaseous exhaust…

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