December 31, 2010

Subject: To Denigrate Them Further, the Infidels Use Wine Contaminated Corks to Silence the Believer!
Time: 7:43pm

January 3, 2010

Subject: We Say What We Don’t Mean in IRI
Time: 6:00pm


Subject: The Identity of an Illiterate Citizen
Time: 8:22am

Yasmine: Did you really identify your self as illiterate?
Mort: Yes

Mina: Is this evidence of mortstache?
Mort: Not at all. This was a mortstache after being photoshoped by my nephew. The Islamic Republic considered my handlebars “un-Islamic,” hence thinning and “Islamicizing” the mustache, creating wiskers, deaesthetizing the hair and designating Mort as “beesavaad”.

Subject: Stool Softener
Time: 8:22am

Despite being on stool softeners, these stools had firm legs to stand on!

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