Because I Am ludicrous!

Friday, December 10

Subject: Butter is the Top Authority in Many Frigid Environs
Time: 5:39pm

Mina: Yes….fat always floats on top…
Mort: It’s a surviva’!

Subject: Safe Sex
Time: 9:06pm

Can one have safe sex with a safety pin?

Mina: My dear, why must you contemplate such ludicrosity?
Mort: Because I am ludicrous!

Subject: Transportation Compromises Curiosity
Time: 9:20pm

Mina: If curiosity kills the cat, what does transportation do to it?
Mort: The cat can meet fresh rodents.

Subject: A Horned Jar with Round Spectacles
Time: 9:26pm


Subject: Portrait of an Artist with Her Door
Time: 2:14pm

Subject: Inkic Sacrifice
Time: 2:19pm

Mina: …digital sacrifice..

Subject: An Invoice Using GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
Time: 2:29pm

Subject: Self-Loathing
Time: 2:49pm

Subject: Finger Abuse in Lit and Zart
Time: 2:59pm

Subject: Briefs or Boxers?
Time: 6:21pm

Subject: Chicken Soup for Polymortitis
Time: 7:14pm

Subject: Mortos Bilingualis
Time: 10:30pm

Subject: Mort’s Mistress Caught Red-Booted
Time: 10:51pm


Subject: A Multispecialist Cleric
Time: 8:48am

Subject: Brand Loyalty is Skin Deep!
Time: 8:47pm

Subject: Bad Graphic Design and Photoshop Skills (Lack Thereof)….
Time: 8:48pm

…will delay the arrival of The Messiah.

Subject: Why White People Get Confused of President Obama’s Origin?
Time: 8:50pm

Xenophobia confuses beyond the ability to accurately decipher ethnicities and names…this is an example!

Subject: Seduction of a Pretty Horse!
Time: 8:52am

Subject: Futile Sentinel Efforts
Time: 8:52am

Subject: Yasmine & Dorian Gray
Time: 8:53am

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