I find your views on overpopulation illuminating.

I keep getting behind! I better get on top of shit or Mort will write me out of the will! -Sahar


Subject: Smoking and Driving
Time: 9:53pm

Mort’s attorney’s advice: “If you must smoke and drive, have a servant carry your pipe in juxtaposition to you…”

Subject: The Crime Scene of Silencing Artists
Time: 9:59pm

Subject: The Iranian NRA Circa 1906
Time: 3:46pm

Subject: “If you drop your pants, I’ll make you a colonel,”
Time: 3:56pm

Said the Turkish general.

Mina: A militant, but accurate mortstatement.
Mort: He would become a Brigadier, but soon killed by friendly fire.

Subject: Equality Possible with Low Population
Time: 4:00pm

Mina: …equality possible with the empowerment of women, which will lead to
population control…
Mina: A militant, but accurate mortstatement.

Subject: Equality Made Difficult as Population Grows
Time: 4:02pm

Yasmine: I find your views on overpopulation illuminating.

Mina: ….yes….Malthus…..
Mort: Very true, love. Did Malthus consume a lot of maltose?

Subject: A Dick of a religion for your larynx!
Time: 7:31pm

This was on the wall of Burp Castle’s restroom wall!  It’s a bar in New York.

Subject: The Carrot vs. The Rabbit
Time: 10:08pm

Mina: …carrots eat rabbits….
Mort: Dog eats man!

Sunday, November 21

Subject: The Description of Mortadise
Time: 7:14pm

Paradise Reoccupied by Mort

Subject: Future Archaeological Findings
Time: 7:18pm

The image of Harry (the inventor of Bellini), Mort’s Butler and Chef de Cuisine, found on broken dish ware at the Mortopolis.

Subject: Wasted Use of a Vintage 1952 Mercedes Benz
Time: 7:21pm

Subject: ’80s are Today’s ’90s!
Time: 7:24pm

Subject: The Common Operating Procedure at Qum
Time: 7:55pm

The young and beardless in the front and the bearded elderly in the rear.

Mina: …become The Young and The Restless…
Mort: Genius!

Subject: “To Grope” is A Revolutionary Opportunity
Time: 8:03pm

Revolutions result in mass crowds, which in turn, allow ample opportunity for groping!

Mina: …and they lead to gropollution…
Mort: Outstanding word!

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