Ancient Romance


Subject: Goddess of Volcano Came to Mortopolis…
Time: 12:14am

…After she devastated Indonesia.

Subject: Magic to Despots, A Tough Act to Follow
Time: 12:31am

Subject: Art Deco Style Guns
Time: 5:00pm

Subject: Press Conference
Time: 6:12pm

“We deny the rumors accusing us of intending to take over the Republic of Haiti by using 2 farvands of crop duster planes,” said the War Minister.

Subject: Touchless Romance…
Time: 10:22am

…Is Still Not Permissible in Ezlam!

Subject: Sado-Maso-Bestial-Etcetraology
Time: 10:23am

Mithra on Viagra!

Subject: A Case of Sonic Public Blowjob
Time: 10:24am

Subject: This is Legal in Vegas!
Time: 10:25am

Subject:  Bairam Khan Blues…
Time: 10:26am

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One Response to Ancient Romance

  1. mort says:

    Mort is a toddler.

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