Beware of the Tea Party, Dracula, and 19th Century Colonialists


Subject: We Love Our Troops; We Dance For Them!
Time: 1:25pm

Subject: Misguided Mastophilia
Time: 1:28pm

Courtesy of Zort Maharluv, 1996.

Subject: “There is no bone, but Bone,” preached the metamophosed mu’azzen!
Time: 1:33pm

Courtesy of Zort Maharluv, 1996, mortercolor on handmade India paper (unfair trade).

Subject: The Remedy Zort Used in Digesting all the Data!
Time: 4:23pm


Subject: Tea Party Etiquiette #2
Time: 1:35am

Subject: Bairam Khan As Mini Mort-Dracula
Time: 4:40pm

Subject: Mort’s Vision of a Belgian General About to Kill for Leopold in Afrique
Time: 4:43pm

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