The Drama of the Golden Egg


Subject: “I dumped the razor for this tower of manhood,” said the golden egg
Time: 2:35pm

Mina: …and it crushed me as it approached me from the wrong end…
Mort: Risk Management 101

Subject: Mort’s Strategy to Guarantee Future Business
Time: 3:34pm

Mina: …partnering with McDonald’s or Wendy’s?
Mort: Yes, if they are infectious.

Subject: SMort, a cute car, ready for test drive
Time: 3:38pm

Subject: Yes!
Time: 3:46pm

Subject: Xenophilia Sexualis Better than the Local Option
Time: 3:53pm

Subject: Singapore Will Cane You if You Don’t Go to Mecca!
Time: 3:58pm

Mina: …if they knew of the state of hygiene there, wouldn’t they cane you for going?
Mort: They “cane”!

Subject: Mort’s Post-It Envy Has Subsided
Time: 4:11pm

Mina: 3M has lost its luster?
Mort: Yes, thanks to generic substitution!

Subject: Regulations on Mortuajana Are Resented
Time: 4:14pm

Subject: Caught Between An Arab and a Hard Place
Time: 4:15pm

Sahar: That is not okay, but I laughed anyway.

Subject: Mort Cocteau, Pablo Mortcasso, Mort Ray And The African Mask
Time: 4:20pm


Subject: The Destiny of “Golden Egg”
Time: 3:42am

She fought to keep her love for the razor, then dumped him for the thick Cartier…until the Cartier did a background check and found out the “golden egg” was a mere soup.  At the moment, 60% of her solidity has gone down the drain and soon, she will be a non entity!

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