Still in the ‘Couve.

Subject: Graphic Design Servicing the People!
Time: 2:07am

…You are beautiful, azul and circular! Look at it enjoy the blue circles, grab it, open the cap…drink it…and now, it’s “a see and be seen moment…” Pour the bottle in a wine glass…finish it and get charged for $3.00.

Subject: Freedom of Size is…
Time: 1:56pm

…a sign of liberty!

Subject: Mortonian Propaganda…
Time: 2:25pm

…comes with a package

Miguel: Currently, only expanding my waistline.

Subject: Propaganda of Mort
Time: 2:55pm

Subject: Choice Vehicle for a Vagabond Alcoholic
Time: 3:52pm

Sahar: From Dickens’ time.
Mort: Jes love.

Subject: Joining the 1 Million Club
Time: 3:59pm

Subject: Young Meat
Time: 6:19pm

Subject: Coffeez n
Time: 6:40pm

I likez zer blenz

Subject: Offensive Method of Gastronomy Marketing
Time: 7:28pm

Subject: Mobilizing Mexico in an RV and Propane Gas
Time: 7:30pm

Miguel: Deja Vu … It will caught in fire … Wait, I think Mexico is on fire now
Mort: Mexico is calente’.

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