Mort’s Paradise

I thought these deserved their own post. If this is what he considers paradise, just imagine what his house looks like! – Sahar

Subject: Paradise Found 1
Time: 7:10pm

Subject: Paradise 2
Time: 7:11pm

Sahar: So, you hung out with a Canadian hoarder?
Mort: Jes, $1,200 worth o’ beeyaks!
Sahar: Canadian Dollars? That’s a lot of dollars?
Mort: Jes.

Subject: Paradise 3
Time: 7:11pm

Subject: Paradise 4 (TWO PICTURES)
Time: 7:18pm

Subject: Paradise 5
Time: 7:20pm

Subject: Paradise 6
Time: 7:22pm

Subject: Paradise 7
Time: 7:24pm

Moments after this I accidentally made the “stack” to crumble on that guy (a staff memba’)

Subject: Who Will Give the Dictator a Sedative?
Time: 7:26pm

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