Mort in Canada


Subject: Hyper-expertosis Externalia Iranica-Pic #1
Time: 8:31pm

Mina: hyper-paranormal paraphernalia…
Mort: Too many horizontaks?
Subject: Hyperexpertosis #2
Time: 8:33pm

Subject: Was the Green Movement a Scarecrow?
Time: 8:37pm

Mina: yes–a pear-shaped one to boot…

Subject: Mort’s Problem with the Tea Party Movement Aesthetics:
Time: 8:44pm

They don’t use Earl Gray nor do they use fine china…

Mina: …but they use bone china which suits their bone-headed constituents…

Subject: “There is No Limit to Sinfulness in Venezuela,” Says Chavez.
Time: 8:54pm

Mina: …sin is in the eyes of the beholder…
Mort: Love, don’t know “bone-er china”

Subject: Her Message is Effective, but…
Time: 8:58pm

…she looks like such a beeyatch

Mina: …blonde ambition…
Mort: Always shallow?


Subject: All of Mort’s Letters to Karbala Were Returned
Time: 2:50am

Mina: …because he must become a follower of kabballa first!

Subject: Mortcouver #2
Time: 5:28am

Mina: …time to chort…
Mort: Did, today.

Subject: Mortcouver, B.C. (Billions of Chinese), Canadia
Time: 12:36pm

Zort has arrived!

Subject: Keith Haring on the Devil’s Bosom
Time: 12:36pm

Subject: Mortson Barley Schpiritz
Time: 12:39pm

Subject: Fuecjhaven Mortensen Bacharleufsen
Time: 12:39pm

Subject: “I know he’s just a razor, but I still love him,” said the golden egg.
Time: 5:49pm

Mina: Where’s the goose?
Mort: It’s an egg of a fakhteh
Mina: Fakhteh is a dove

Subject: Charles Renfro Remembered by a Drunk Person!
Time: 6:14pm

Subject: Vancouver Encounter: Otofuckoo Sandals Planted by C to Torture Mort
Time: 6:20pm

Mina: ….you mean ought-to-fuck-you sandals? how very polite!

Subject: Tourists’ve Got Bonerz!
Time: 6:22pm

Mina: ….you mean money equals sex?

Subject: Would Uptown or Midtown Look Less Obscure?
Time: 6:24pm

Mina: …just not as enlightened as downtown…
Mort: Don’t let the luminaries fool u, facial or otherwise.

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