Mort Is Back in Houston


Subject: I Grin When I See the Ass
Time: 5:14 pm

Mina: You should compile the Book of Ass, since you’re so ass-obsessed, love.
Mort: An Arsependium?
Subject: Lonely Beloved With Outpoured Heart
Time: 5:14pm

Subject: Lonely Love Seeker
Time: 5:20pm


Subject: …They Finally Connected…”Happy Endings” are so…
Time: 5:21pm

…cliche`.  They are both Swiss and pompous, but with creativity, their “love” can be jeopardized.


Subject: Two Major Obsticles to Mort’s Bibliophilia
Time: 12:15am


Subject: Mort Trade Center
Time: 3:00am


Subject: After the Fall of His Dynasty the King Opened a Footwear Outlet
Time: 11:15am

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