The Geo-Politics of Mort’s Living Room

Believe it or not, but all these pictures were taken in Mort’s living room. -Sahar

Subject: Parallels in the Life of a Texas Cockroach

Time: 7:29pm

Mina: I hope you stomped it to death.
Her Highness tells me that’s what I used to do with soossks when I was 2 and the soossks were as big as my feet in my little white booties.

Mort: No love, it’s inhumane!

Mina: Are you suggesting I’m cruel?

Mort: You are so sweet and lovely–responding to my non-sense!

Mina: Your nonsense makes me laugh! I love it!

You would have loved my Khaleh Adel (great aunt, sister of Abol-Hassan Saba).

As for Lors, I know lor also means ahmagh, b/c when we were kids, playing around in my grandmother’s garden, C once declared in front of my grandmother’s maid that he was a “lor” thinking that that was the Persified version of “lord” and that the maid would understand he meant to pronounce “lord” in Persian. The maid buckled over with laughter. It was very funny, and one of the very few moments in his life as a child or an adult that I think our C has tripped up.

Mort: What about the Indian city Bangalor?

Mina: Do you suppose Bangalor means “Fuck a Stupid Person”? (Pardon my language, darling).

Mort: Yes, how about Bangcock?

Mina: “Fuck a Dick”?

Mort: No, a penis that performs the task of copulation.

Mina: My dear, you’re the expert, so I defer to you.


Subject: Slandering Iranian Religious Minorities for Practicing Bestiality!

Time: 7:34pm


Subject: Mort’s Carpet Chicken that Resembles Homer Simpson

Time: 7:38pm


Subject: This Book is Blank with Spots of Red….

Time: 7:4opm


Subject: Books Too Torrid for Literary Regulators

Time: 7:48pm


Subject: United by Geometry, Separated by Colour!

Time: 7:50pm


Subject: Guests From the Island of Lesbos at Mort’s NYC Apt

Time: 7:54pm


Subject: Mort’s Biblioteque for Historic Outrage

Time: 7:58pm


Subject: Only Perverted Grographers Name an Entreport After the Feminine Thigh (leng)

Time: 8:16pm

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