Iraqi Donkeys and Their Lady Friends

Subject: Al-Qartiah, the Pasha of Maghreb Has Commissioned a Minerate for His Harem Mosque

Time: 1:02 am


Subject: Iraqi Donkeys and Physics

Time: 11:07am


Subject: Suppressed and Abused Iranian Women Circa Late 1960s

Time: 11:31am

“We’ve a long way, baby!”
Quoted by Umm-ol-Wirkhiniah Al-Seleem


Subject: Using Barcode Technology to Monitor Your Children

Time: 11:27am

Sahar: Why are my eyes going in two different directions?

Mort: Too much kuriocity!

Mort: Or long term exposure to da barkode sensor? Perhaps cuz you claim to be a leftist, but u r a right wing….or because as a child, being right-handed, your father forced u to use “lefty” scissors?

Mina: Cute pic. I have a relative who says that wide set eyes going in different directions is chic. She grew up during the Jackie O era.

Mafalda: To be able to see the WHOLE world…

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